For advice on Community please see the information below:

Local Advice

  • FAN (Friends and Neighbours) groups in Swansea

    FAN (Friends and Neighbours) groups in Swansea – links friends and neighbours in local communities. Holding ‘virtual’ meetings via Zoom, meet for an hour each week and take it in turns listening to each other’s stories and experiences. If you are learning English it can be a good way to improve skills.

  • Swansea Council Local Area Coordinators

    Provide information and advice and can support anyone to build relationships within their community.

    COVID Update: Able to signpost members of the community to support

  • – providing free of charge clothing, food Items, toiletries, cleaning and household products so the most vulnerable people in our communities can stay safe and well. To register and access free of charge business surplus stock, please visit

    Browse the available products here: Giving World

  • SCVS Volunteering

    SCVS Volunteering – providing a wide range of information, advice and support services and by representing the views of the sector to government and policy makers.

    If you know of people who are interested in volunteering locally to respond to our communities needs in light of Covid-19, visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions


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