Domestic Abuse

For advice on Domestic Abuse please see the information below 

Local Advice

  • Hourglass – Action on Elder Abuse

    Hourglass – Action on Elder Abuse – Advice and information on abuse of older people.

  • Black Association of Women Step Out (BAWSO)

    Black Association of Women Step Out (BAWSO) – service to Black and Minority Ethnic women and children, made homeless through a threat of domestic violence or fleeing domestic violence in Wales

    Monday – Friday 9am – 16.45 pm
    24-hour helpline: 0800 7318147

    COVID Update: The office is temporarily closed due to the COVID -19 crisis; however, we are still accessible via telephone.

  • Dyn Wales

    Dyn Wales – The Safer Wales Dyn project provides support to Heterosexual, Gay, Bisexual and Trans men who are experiencing domestic abuse from a partner.
    The Safer Wales Dyn helpline lets you speak confidentially to someone who can listen to you without judging your situation.

    Dyn Helpline: 0808 801 0321

    Monday – 10am – 4pm

    Tuesday – 10am – 4pm

    Wednesday – 10am – 1pm

  • Live Fear Free – Live Fear Free Helpline

    Open 24/7 to listen to and support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence

    Tel: 0808 80 10 800

    Text: 078600 77 333


  • Relate Cymru

    Relate Cymru is the national charity for relationship support in Wales.

    N.B. There is a charge for some services. Information about live chat and telephone counselling can be found here:

    COVID Update: We have increased the availability of our highly trained counsellors to support everyone’s relationships during this unprecedented time.

  • Swansea Council’s Domestic Abuse Hub and IDVA Project

    In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and in line with national Public Health Advice, some changes have been made to our service delivery for those at risk of Domestic Abuse. Swansea Council’s Domestic Abuse Hub and IDVA Project (referral only) continue to operate, providing safety advice and emotional support to those currently at risk, and can be contacted by telephone.
    As always, if you or someone else is in immediate danger please call 999 and ask for the police.

    Telephone: 01792 636512

  • Swansea Women’s Aid

    Swansea Women’s Aid – offers empowerment, safety and support for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

    COVID Update: Refuges and safe houses – up and running. If a space becomes available, each referral will be assessed on the outcome of a corona virus health risk assessment and current state of play in refuges in relation to the virus and existing residents.

  • DAISE Outreach

    The Domestic Abuse Information, Support & Empowerment Project (DAISE Plus) provides one to one support to women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. Support is offered on either an appointment or drop-in basis.

    COVID Update: Drop in suspended. Pre-booked face to face appointments not available and support offered over phone instead. Public number has additional people staffing it so we can handle more incoming calls and support workers lined up to do crisis support/information giving etc. as a back-up to this. If support is not viable over the phone, we are offering 2 face to face appointments a day at Bond St. These can only be booked on the day and will be subject to health risk assessment.

  • SWAN

    SWAN – evening outreach offering window service only on Monday and Thursday nights; crisis support being offered face-to-face subject to health risk assessment ; phone support available.

Frequently Asked Questions


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